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Computer. internet & Web security issues. If you've had a computer breach or break in from a virus, a trogan or other malicious spyware that attacked individual computers or servers and copied vital financial information, we can help you find the perpetrator so you can bring them to justice. Besides stealing financial information, these offensive programs look for Website login information so they can spread their malicious content to Websites. If your Website has been compromised, we can find the code and fix your site so it's safe for visitors to visit. We will also install a reliable anti-virus anti spyware program to help prevent further break ins. Call 1-888-297-4887 or in Michigan call 1-248-788-3342 for more information.

If you suspect a computer breakin, it's wise to act fast to protect personal or business information that may be stored on your computers or servers. Here are some of the topics we look at.

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